We exist for the underdog, the underestimated and the undiscovered.

We're an ambitious, ambidextrous team of creative misfits. Dreamers, builders, strategists, hustlers, content creators, mentors, and learners. Artists, Designers, and Disruptors. We're working together in New York City to shape the future of our creative industry and the way we prepare people for it. A.D.D. aims to create a platform and launchpad for the next generation, the future creative class. We're building this for the underdogs, the underestimated and the undiscovered. We believe it's advantageous to be different. And to be more than one thing. And to change your mind alot. To explore. To dabble. And to fail. That's how new ideas are born and that's how A.D.D. came to be. Thank you for taking part in our movement, and long live the underdog.